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Boho Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Your Next Update

Like a lot of kitchen remodel ideas, “boho” is kind of a catch-all for a specific feel of a design. Boho kitchen remodel ideas tend to be a bit messy and involve many plants and handmade decor. Similarly, you can expect pops of colors such as turquoise and globally inspired prints.

Boho kitchen remodel ideas are an intoxicating mix of a number of easy-to-implement elements. Unlike other kitchen design styles, you don’t have to undergo a massive or complicated remodel to get that look.

Admittedly, one of the best things about a boho kitchen is that you can achieve the look on a budget and can apply it to owned or even rented homes of any size. There are plenty of different ways you can bring boho design style into your kitchen. Here we have compiled some of our favorite ideas for your kitchen remodel.

Find Your Boho Style

As mentioned above, boho style can mean a lot of different things when it comes to kitchen remodel ideas. While it might mean bright colors and lively prints, it can also have a minimalist foundation of grays and whites with wicker baskets and macrame.

In order to understand which variation is suitable for you, the first thing you need to consider is how organic do you like it.

However, this doesn’t mean dirty, but of course, it can also be cluttered. Interestingly, plenty of boho kitchen remodel ideas make use of textures and lots of plants so that it can feel a bit messy. Fair warning if you prefer things to be in order and more controlled. If that sounds like you, a boho kitchen remodel isn’t right for you.

But for the sake of clarity, here are a few terms that can help you narrow down your boho kitchen style:

  • Artistic: This is a lovely style, with emphasis on kitchen color scheme, texture, and pattern.
  • Minimalist: Less cluttered, more clean white with subtle splashes
  • Modern: It has a modern feel versus vintage and misjudges minimalist
  • Eclectic: This is whatever you want it to be and might include other styles
  • Vintage: Tends to be loaded with antique treasures
  • Industrial: A play on industrial style, usually with attention to lighting and fixture
  • Rustic: Western, antlers, reclaimed wood, or anything with the outdoorsy feel

Add Plants

plants boho kitchen remodel ideas
Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

The one thing that consistently appears in any boho kitchen remodel ideas are plants. Therefore, this is the easiest way to hop on the kitchen remodel trend without spending too much or changing a lot.

You can add plants anywhere you feel right. Hand them near the window, put them on shelves, and even set up a line of succulents on the countertops. You can go to thrift shops, antique stores, and local shops to find pots, macrame hangers, and even the plants themselves.

If you don’t have much room, succulents and air plants offer small and admirable greenery that is easy to add to any space. 

Further, the planters you choose can go a long way in tying together your theme. For this, choose neutrals for a mellow vibe, or add pops of color if you are mainly sticking to whites otherwise. You can also look for playful patterns to mix and match or wrap pots in macrame or beads.

Add Color

Boho kitchens are often super bold, bright, and cheerful. They may be filled with all kinds of colors, from pink and red to blue and green, and you can pitch them in any proportion. 

Your use of color in boho style is an easy way to make it your own. Besides, some boho-inspired spaces use a ton of color, layering it, and use different prints and designs. 

For the minimalist, a few pops of color can artistically draw the eye to your favorite elements. Either way, stick to simple neutrals and let the green of your plants be the most colorful aspect. 

Hardware, Fixtures, and Lighting

kitchen fixtures
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

You will often see antiqued gold or brass in a boho kitchen remodel, but that doesn’t mean other metals are off-limits. Whatever you feel like, you have to think about how you can bring it into your design by replacing hardware and fixtures.

Moreover, lighting is an excellent way to add visual interest, whether by smaller lights above the sink or with scones or by replacing or adding chandeliers.

Boho kitchen lighting usually borrows from global style especially Moroccan, but modern, industrial, and other types of lighting work equally well.

Botanical Wallpaper Patterns

Patterns from nature and botanical prints bring out the bohemian kitchen design naturally. Further, you can even reduce the kitchen decor if you decide to go with the botanical patterns.

Nevertheless, it does not need to be one pattern because the boho kitchen remodel ideas are all about mixing different elements to come up with a new look.

The best thing is that botanical wallpaper patterns is versatility. Therefore, you can play around with any patterns you want to take the boho look to the next level.

Not only can you install the patterns on the walls but also on the kitchen floor. Adding patterned kitchen flooring can bring up the design because, in this case, you are covering a large surface with the print. 

Mix and Match

color boho kitchen design
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Mixing things up is one of the most popular boho kitchen remodel ideas. For instance, you can use a large dining table to serve as the focal point of your boho kitchen. Next, use everything you have at hand and check what works best for you. 

Furthermore, you can incorporate the idea of potted plants, chairs, and various dinnerware that do not match. Similarly, you can also add potted plants on the desk to come up with an appealing and cozy environment.