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6 Reasons You Need a Kitchen Island

Do you love to cook? Is the kitchen the heart of your home? Do you find yourself wishing you had more counter space available? If so, a kitchen island may be the perfect solution! Able to be tailored to any kitchen configuration or need, an island adds space while providing the ability to move around the entire workstation for maximum usability.

If you entertain often, the kitchen island can double as conversation and eating space; you can even top your workspace with butcher block and prep food right on the counter without having to hassle with cutting boards! Not convinced yet? Here are 6 reasons why you need a kitchen island pronto!

  1. Flexibility

Sure, most kitchen islands are built in to the kitchen as immovable fixtures, but there are many ways to get a small mobile workstation into your kitchen so that you can have all the perks of an island and then whisk it out of the way when needed.

Some mobile islands have dishwashers or storage space built in, offering double duty for small spaces. These are perfect for apartments or condos, or for smaller single-family homes that are low on space.

In addition, they make a great breakfast area or space for the kids to do homework or art project, without taking up too much extra space. Depending on what your needs are, you can design a mobile kitchen island to do exactly what you need it to.

  1. Increased Space

Have you heard the phrase, “too many cooks in the kitchen?” Often kitchens feel cramped with too many people in there trying to help prep a meal, or even just milling around at dinner parties or family events. One of the best ways around this kitchen congestion is to create separate landing zones – a kitchen island offers 360-degree accessibility for either standing and chatting or for helping to prepare the meal.

Even if you opt for a small island, the added counter space can take a huge load off of your other countertops, making it much easier to spread out and get things done.

  1. Fun Factor

There’s no doubt about it – kitchen islands are a great way to express your design preferences and bring some fun into your kitchen remodeling. Many people opt for non-traditional kitchen islands; some even go so far as to re-purpose a piece of antique furniture or utilize industrial elements to create a statement piece unique to their home.

An added benefit to creating your own island is that you can customize the storage and countertop to your own specific needs. If you want the space underneath the counter to store stools or to hang pots and pans, go for it. If you want drawers instead of shelves, you can make that happen. Your imagination is the only thing standing between you and the island of your dreams.

  1. Added Elegance and Value

The kitchen is one of the first places potential home buyers look when touring a home for sale; if you plan on selling your home down the road, investing in a high-quality kitchen island with a granite countertop can boost your home’s overall value and garner the interest of an increased number of potential buyers.

Granite has a look of high-class elegance, and matches well with virtually any décor style. This makes it a fantastic option both for your kitchen island and for your main kitchen countertops as well.

  1. Another Sink Space

Secondary prep stations are all the rage, and adding a sink to your kitchen island is a fantastic way to maximize your workspace and provide multiple places to efficiently prep meals. Just as granite countertops add value to your home, a secondary workstation like this that has a second sink as well can exponentially raise your kitchen’s value, making it more attractive when your home goes on the market.

  1. Communal Workstation

Even when not being used as a prep station, your kitchen island can be a great place for your family to work, play, and hang out. If you have small kids, consider outfitting a drawer in the island with coloring books and puzzles to keep them busy while you make food for them to eat. If you work from home, a central area like an island can be a great place to keep your laptop or iPad so you never miss an email.

Whether you are looking to add value to your home or increase your counter space, a kitchen island is definitely the solution you have been looking for. Be sure to select one that will work with your kitchen layout, and don’t be afraid to create one from scratch to add a fun, unique personal touch to the most used space in your home.