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5 Ways to Make White Kitchen Cabinets Pop

In the hustle and bustle of life, your kitchen can see a lot of foot traffic on any given day. Between kids running through to grab a snack, hungry teenagers raiding the fridge and friends and neighbors coming over for a coffee or just a chat, your kitchen is a well-used room in your house and an important one at that.

When it comes to your kitchen’s overall décor, sometimes it’s easy to overlook those details that are so commonplace they are hardly noticeable anymore. It seems standard to put a lot of time and energy into picking the perfect granite countertop, backsplash, sink and table. While these are extremely important features of any kitchen, sometimes it’s the cabinets that can take your kitchen from common to creative genius with just a quick fix-up. If it’s a bold statement you’re looking for your well-loved kitchen to make, you may not need to look any further than those cabinets your reach for everyday. The following are five ways you can make even your white kitchen cabinets pop and bring your interior design to an entirely new level.

Cabinet statements that sparkle

The primary advantage to having white kitchen cabinets is that your space already looks bigger just because you are using lighter tones. White tends to give the feeling of expanded square footage, even when you’re working within a limited area. White cabinets in and of themselves can even make your walls seem higher and generally play well of off kitchen lighting. However, every once and a while, they could use a creative lift.

If you’re looking to make a subtle change that wows your friends and family, try adding a top coat of iridescent paint to the front of the cabinets. While it will be hardly noticeable during the day, at night under dim lighting, your white cabinets will sparkle and could be the perfect accessory to any kitchen-based dinner party you host!

Kick it up with colorful knobs

If you are sure that you want to stick with white kitchen cabinets, but are looking for a colorful addition to your space,  try adding colorful ceramic or glass knobs! While these are very small additives to your cabinets, they come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and colors—which means you have the freedom to mix and match as you choose! They won’t take away from the sleek sophistication of your white kitchen cabinets, but they might add just that pop of color your cabinets need to really stand out.

Learn a colorful lesson from granite

If you’ve installed granite countertops in your kitchen, you already know that your white cabinets are an amazing décor complement as they are subtle enough not to take away from the aesthetic appeal and color schemes granite naturally hosts. What you might not have realized is just how much more your white cabinets could add to your granite countertops. If there is a particular color you love in your durable stone surfaces, match it to a paint sample and add a single interior edging to your cabinets in this color. This will visually draw guest’s attention to that very color in your countertops and give your cabinets a mini make over that makes a big difference.

Get creative with glass

While white cabinets are stunning on their own, it might only take a small window to see big new potential in your kitchen cabinets. Adding glass squares to the front of your white cabinets takes them from a normal kitchen feature to a self-contained display case in a small amount of time. Especially if you are a person who likes to collect beautiful or rare dinnerware, adding glass windows to your white cabinets can be an amazing way to display the dishes you’re fond of while maintaining the color scheme you love!

Don a door-less décor statement

It might seem counter-intuitive, but it might be necessary to take a little away from your white kitchen cabinets in order to make them stand out more. Removing the front door of your cabinets allows you to not only display more items you find appealing, but allows for easier guest access to things they need and also provides a path to getting creative with color!

While a large portion of the exterior of your cabinets will remain white, a door-less cabinet’s interior can be painted a variety of bold colors! Choosing something like a teal, orange or even green can make the inside of your kitchen cabinets pop and gives your white themed cabinet set entirely new life. Stick with a single bold color or go a step further into your new creative realm and mix and match interior colors. If you have a variety of dinner plates to store, it might be fun to try and coordinate interior colors with plate color schemes to accent their beauty. At the same time, the white cabinets will act as a type of visual frame to the colorful designs they host inside!